Social Project

We believe that to make sustainable business, we need to support our partner

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As a company integrated with farmers, we always strive to support the development of social aspects, because we are aware that the company grows and develops well because of the good support from local farmers around it. On an ongoing basis we create social programs that focus on improving the skills of farmers to produce high quality coconut sugar production. Other efforts that we also support on an ongoing basis are production facilities and infrastructure so that farmers are always able to maintain product quality. Not only the farmers, we also carry out social projects to support the education of farmer’s children so they are able to access quality education. We carry out all of these programs as a manifestation of our consistency to support the welfare of farmers through social project programs that we continue to strive for to make our local farmers more prosperous.

Let's Bring The Best Nutrient fom the Nature Into Your Lovely House

We are very happy to support your daily healthy lifestyle with our organic and natural product produced by our farmers with their. heart