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We always ensure that the production process we carry out has gone through high standard checks to produce the best quality products to the customer 

Satria Coconut Sugar

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is a private company that has a wide and diverse customer base abroad, we are located at the largest and best coconut producing country in the world, our country has 10 million hectares of coconut plantations spread across several islands and produces 100 million coconuts every year. Not only fresh products, but Indonesia is also known to have the best coconut-derived products like coconut sugar with abundant resources and high quality, then you are right to choose us as the best partner. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, for that we always strive to produce the best products in terms of quality and quantity supported by high-tech factory, dedicated employees, and more than 2000 farmers with 1500 hectares coconut plantation. We provide several coconut products as follows:

1. Organic Coconut Sugar


Coconut sugar is natural sugar produced from organic coconut flower nectar juice (Neera), it is boiled until it thickens and changes color from clear to brown, then goes through the granulation process by hand and other processes according to specifications. Our coconut sugar is easy to melt as well as cane sugar but richer in flavor and have some valuable nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron. This product has low glycemic index, organic, and we always ensure that in the production process we use 100% natural ingredients, and without chemical additives. With a slightly caramel-like aroma and in the form of soft granule, it is suitable for adding ingredient to desserts, beverages, or bakery products.

2. Organic Arenga/Palm Sugar

Organic Arenga Sugar

Organic Arenga Sugar is made from pure nectar sap of arenga sugar palm trees (Arenga pinnata) which wildly grown in rainforest region of Southeast Asia including Indonesia. The sap is tapped and collected farmer by climbing the arenga trees daily, it is boiled down to form a thick, unrefined mass. Once much of the water has been evaporated out, the thickened sap is cooled and stirred to allow crystals to form, the molasses is removed by centrifuge, then it is granulated by hand. Our Organic Arenga Sugar is a fine granulated form sweet easily to be melted or diluted which has strong aroma and unique taste that is excellent for baking, chocolate making, or sweetening beverages. Having a sweet brown colour, Natural Arenga Coconut Sugar is also suitable for garnishing cakes, dishes, shakes, or smoothies

3. Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup


Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup is another product made from coconut sap (coconut neera) in liquid form, it is made from pure coconut blossom nectar of organically grown coconut trees. We always make sure that our production processes comply with our standard procedure. Every morning our local farmer climb their coconut tree to harvest coconut nectar, before it goes to heating process, they make filtration to separate the coconut sap from another contamination, then They heat the coconut sap up to get thicker texture and prevent fermentation. After the coconut syrup is at the room temperature, we ready to pack and deliver to our customers. It is perfect to be added to ice tea, yoghurt, pancake or granola mix. It is a vegan substitute of honey, packed with high nutrition content.

4. Organic Coconut Sugar Mold


In addition to organic granulated coconut sugar, we also produce molded organic coconut sugar which is shaped into tube, or it also can be customized based on buyer’s preference. Same with the other coconut sugar product, we also produce organic block coconut sugar according to Organic Standards. Also, it has a stronger aroma and taste, subtly sweet almost like granule coconut sugar but with a hint of caramel. It has higher moisture content than the granule. It has a proper size so that we can consume it easily. Our Molded coconut sugar is made from natural coconut sap and heated until thickened and molded using wood/bamboo molds. We also ensure that in the production process we use 100% natural ingredients, and without chemical additives.

5. Organic Coconut Sugar Cube


Generally the coconut sugar cube production process is not much different from the organic coconut sugar production process. After the neera is harvested by the farmers, it is then filtered and cooked until thick, after which the granulation process is done to get fine granules, the next process is to form coconut sugar granules into cubes with molds with the size according to the buyer’s need. Our coconut sugar cube has low glycemic index, organic, and we always ensure that in the production process we use 100% natural ingredients, and without chemical additives.

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Organic Coconut Sugar and Arenga Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar Mold and Cube

Organic Coconut Nectar Syrup

*.If you want to make your custom packaging, we can discuss it.

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